Our Exhaust Fan Products

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    We design many products in the field of lighting & Electronics items from the last 5 yers. we created lot of innovative design as per as todays market like as Stylish Ceiling Fan, Exhaust Fan, Solar Lights Cool Design LED Blubs & Tube Lights Energy Saving Fittings and Fans field.
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    Quality Service
    We provide High-Quality service for electronic products in the innovative world. We are determined to offer you, our valued customer, not only exceptional quality with regards to our products but we are also able to let you rest in the knowledge that you will be receiving the best service possible
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    Orpic Team is dedicated to providing our clients with value for their money and to focus on giving them the project that they had envisioned. This is achieved through our highly motivated and dedicated team, from the President to the first year apprentice who provide the best possible solutions to meet our client’s needs.