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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan



Orpic  Ceiling Fans  are super sleek and engineered with the state of the are equipment.  Quality control is maintained beginning  from raw material stage and at several stage during the process of manufacturing . These are created to meet the best quality standard and to provide trouble free performance for years to come .ORPIC fan sweeps air to every corner of the room and works wobble free and noiseless for years.

 Silent Features


 FAN Motor

Each Fan Motor has a low loss silicon steel core and is fitted with double ball bearing to ensure  that the fan givens smooth noiseless performance. The Motor winding is carried out on automatic machine to provide consistent quality and greater reliability. Fan Motor is a high torque motor to generate maximum power at low power at low consumption.

 FAN Blades

Blades are aerodynamically designed for maximum air thrust and perfectly balance so that the operate wobble free. Blades are  preset  at precise correct operating camber to deliver air delivery over a wide area .  The Blades are made of special aluminum allow to safeguard against rust and corrosion.

 FAN Regulator

 The Regulator are resistance type. These are housed in specially designed strong molded cases to last several years.